La Ferme Melliferalle

Welcome to La Ferme Melliferalle

La Ferme Melliferalle (‘mellifera’ is the Latin term for honey-bearing; the western honeybee’s name in Latin is Apis mellifera).

We are small-city farmers working to make our little plot of land into a thriving, buzzing refuge.

George McRae, head farmer, is a naturalist, organic gardener, hen and bee wrangler, cat rescuer, orchid whisperer, and actor.

Heidi Rand, assistant farmer, is a photographer and mixed-media artist, and a writer and teacher.

George says: “It has been a longish path to get to this point; a fulfillment of several dreams from my early days. SO, there will be a lot of “how we got here’s.” From my first vegetable garden, to my family’s first chicken courtesy of my sister’s grammar school class, it covers several decades.  So have fun. Don’t be daunted. Plant a seed. Get a hen. For some like me it was meant to be. Look into your heart. Listen to it. Then do what it tells you to do.

Welcome to our tiny slice of heaven. And while you’re at it, visit our Zazzle Stores!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to La Ferme Melliferalle”

  1. Hello neighbors 🙂
    Found ur honey while picking up some hay bales at bio oasis. Love it. I am also gardening a big ole plot, rescuing cats, resisting urge to get chickens… etc.
    Wanted to say Hi.
    A new era has begun here at The Chime and Cat, on Kern, just off McBryde. Maybe it will even be worthy of a visit by the end of the summer/fog season.
    Cheers! Ezri

  2. Ezri, So glad you found the honey and liked it, and really happy you posted! Oh yeah, chickens are wonderful but a lot of work for sure – their poo is great for the garden but they’ll eat most anything you don’t cage off. The Chime and Cat sounds like a wonderful place! All best, Heidi and George

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Small family farm in the city